Puppy Socialisation

What is Puppy Socialisation?

Puppy socialisation is a valuable learning experience and also lots of fun for the puppy. A puppy that does not have access to other dogs and different people from a young age can sometimes become anxious, fearful and aggressive when encountering other dogs or people later in life. If they do not learn from positive experiences early in life often this fear of other dogs can be more difficult and sometimes impossible to overcome when the dog has matured. When your puppy attends doggy daycare, your puppy will learn how to socialise and behave with other puppies in a safe, controlled and fun environment.

At doggy daycare during socialisation your puppy will get to run and play with other puppies and dogs under the careful supervision of our staff at all times.

Why puppy socialisation is important for you and your puppy

Being a puppy is one of the most important stages in a dog's life. Socialisation and training is very important during this stage. Every experience as a puppy will have a great impact on how it will react to certain situations as an adult.

When you bring your puppy to doggy daycare for socialisation we aim to create a confident and happy dog that has developed the necessary social skills to interact with other dogs. A dog that will happily go for walks, enjoys their regular visits to dog parks and is happy to meet new dogs and people when they are all grown up.

A well socialised dog is a pleasure to own.

Puppy socialisation information

We recommend for puppy socialisation they should attend for a minimum of three visits any time after they are fully vaccinated. Of course they are welcome to attend for more visits but we find a minimum of three visits is required for them to overcome their initial nervousness and develop confidence and social skills with a wide variety of other puppies and dogs.

For information on puppy socialisation please call one of our vets or nurses. We attempt when possible to organise for most puppies to attend on the same day so please phone ahead of time to organise a convenient day. All doggy daycare dogs must be completely vaccinated.

Dogs and puppy obedience training

After socialisation of your puppy, we believe is also important to train your dog. Our staff are happy to advise on training tips and tricks. Although we do not provide dog training, we have several training schools we routinely recommend.