Doggy Day Care

What is Doggy Daycare?

Doggy day care is when you drop your dog off in the morning and pick your dog up in the afternoon. Here at Auburn Vet hospital we have a large, fully enclosed backyard and internal kennel areas where your dog can run and play all day with other dogs under the careful supervision of staff at all times. At doggy day care your dog gets to play and socialise with other dogs.

Some reasons for doggy daycare

People bring their dogs for many different reasons.
Socialising The dog may be an only dog who loves to play with other dogs, or a dog that is not good with other dogs and needs to be socialised more.
Exercise The owner may live in a unit or apartment without a backyard, so day care allows the dog to run around and play.
Fun Dogs love doggy day care. They get to play all day with other dogs; something they would never be able to do at home.

Doggy daycare requirements

To come to doggy daycare your dog must be:
Be fully vaccinated
A small dog (under 10kg) or a puppy. No large dogs will be accepted or dogs that display any level of aggression, digging, chewing or other destructive behaviour.

For more information on whether your dog would enjoy or benefit from day care or even to come down and see the day care dogs playing please feel free to contact us on 9649 6333.