We offer a complete range of boarding facilities and services as well as being agents for Hanrob Pet Care Centres. You can be sure when leaving your pet to stay with us that they are receiving the best of care while being looked after by our professional and caring staff.


Air conditioned/heated and well ventilated kennel area.
Cats are kept large stainless steel cages with high quality dry bed lining.
Dogs are allowed to run around in the backyard during the day to socialise and play with the other boarding dogs. They are kept in large runs or cages overnight with dry bed blankets.
All diets are catered for.
Special needs animals are completely catered for. If an animal needs medication daily, is elderly or sick, deaf or blind special arrangements can be made.
Grooming services are available during pet's stay and before pet’s departure.
For photos of our facilities please view gallery.

Boarding Requirements

All cats must be fully vaccinated with a F3 vaccination. This vaccination covers cat flu and feline enteritis.

All dogs must be fully vaccinated with a C5 vaccination. This vaccination covers distemper, hepatitis, parvovirus and kennel cough. All dogs must be desexed.

Please note:
At Auburn Vet Hospital we cater especially for boarding small breed dogs. All dogs while boarding are allowed to play outside in our safe and secure backyard during the day under careful supervision of staff. For this reason we are unable to board large dogs. We are agents for Hanrob Pet Care Centres who offer large dog boarding. Hanrob can pick up your large dog from our premises for boarding at their facilities and deliver back at the end of boarding free of charge.

For more information, current prices or to arrange to view our facilities please contact us.